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With hundreds of learners of French, our immersive teaching method has helped executives and international expats reach high French proficiency.


This comprehensive program caters to learners of all levels, helping you refine your French in all aspects. Through in-depth grammar and vocabulary studies, you'll build a strong foundation for comprehension across conversations and texts. Our proven method, developed by experienced linguists, delivers a structured and analytical approach to learning French.



1:1 Private French classes


Each class is conducted via Zoom or
an online platform of your choice


The teacher is a native French tutor and
an expert in linguistics and phonetics

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55 minutes per class


We recommend 2 to 3 sessions weekly


Flexible hours based on your availability

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Already approved by hundreds of learners

Master the language with confidence. Our clear, structured grammar and vocabulary courses, combined with personalized exercises, provide you with the tools to achieve your French learning goals.

made easy

Our private French classes provide a solid foundation by practicing essential tenses (past, imperfect, future...), moods (indicative, subjunctive, imperative...), prepositions, pronouns and key vocabulary. Tailored activities, including written tasks, fill-in-the-blank exercices ensure you build fluency at your own pace.

Clear, step-by-step instruction guides you through complex grammar concepts, while the introduction of more challenging structures allows you to unlock the full depth of the French language.

Expanding your vocabulary

Develop a keen understanding of French grammar through diverse topics and engaging materials. Break down the rules governing nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs.

We offer a variety of activities, including rephrasing exercises and interactive quizzes, to help you solidify your understanding and build fluency.

Feedback and additional exercises

We provide personalized feedback and extra explanations whenever you encounter challenging concepts. Our unique approach uses comparisons between French and English grammar, with targeted exercises to highlight similarities and differences. This method clarifies complex concepts and accelerates your learning.

We also offer additional homework with exercises to solidify your understanding and refine your knowledge even further.


Mastering the nuances of French grammar, like the subjunctive vs. indicative and passé composé vs. imparfait, becomes effortless with our clear and engaging French courses


Our method, developed by language experts, is proven to get you speaking, comprehending, and writing confidently.

Speak like a native

Our program takes a unique approach to equip you with the tools to speak French with confidence. We focus on chunks - phrases native speakers use frequently - rather than isolated words. This approach mimics natural language flow, making you sound more fluent and understand conversations with ease.

Our program utilizes a powerful spaced repetition system to solidify your knowledge of the 1,000 most essential French words. This system strategically revisits vocabulary in relevant contexts you choose, ensuring long-term retention and confident communication.

French tutor online - Private French lessons online


French lessons for kids and teens - Native French Teacher

Committed to excellence

Tanguy graduated from the University of Toulouse, France with a master's degree in linguistics with high distinction. He has also extensively conducted research and experiments in the field of phonetics in France and the United Kingdom.


He has extensive teaching experience with British, American and other international learners of French from academic institutions, including the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom and corporates, such as Bloomberg, Bank of America and Airbus. His students' key objective is to gain fluency in less than a year. Tanguy also worked and lived in the United Kingdom for two years and speaks English perfectly.

Tanguy is a very patient, non-judgmental and professional French teacher ensuring a high standard of teaching and a positive learning environment.



Before beginning your private French classes, we offer a 30-minute consultation online conducted via Zoom or a platform of your choice. Our consultation is free of charge and without obligation.

This personalized meeting is a great opportunity to get to know your private teacher and discuss your specific needs and objectives. We can then design the perfect language learning work plan for you with unique content.

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After each private French class, you'll receive a comprehensive document outlining your mistakes, allowing for thorough review at your own pace. We offer additional grammar and vocabulary exercises upon request to fit your specific needs.



Flexibility to fit your schedule - choose to maintain a consistent weekly time slot or select specific hours that work best for your busy schedule.

Participate in private, one-on-one French lessons from the comfort of your home, workplace, or while traveling for business. All you need is access to Zoom and an internet connection.


Our teaching method has been endorsed by a distinguished group of philanthropists, board members of major corporations like Bloomberg, Bank of America, and Airbus, CEOs of real estate agencies, and diplomats and government representatives from key cities around the world, including Saint Barth, New York, Chicago,
ão Paulo, London, and Paris.

"Tanguy has been of tremendous help in improving my listening skills. I have always struggled to understand French people when speaking fast in films or in general. As a pronunciation specialist, his feedback on what to work on has helped me so much. I can now understand what French actors say."

· Peter from New York

"Tanguy is a very kind, attentive and fun French teacher. His lessons are very pleasant and his high-quality, modern content is always tailored to my needs. Regarding my writing, Tanguy’s lessons have significantly helped me improve my French in a few short months. I can’t imagine how it would have been possible without a native French teacher who is an expert in his own language. All in all, my French oral skills and my command of French have significantly improved."

· Ruaraidh from Saint Barth

Inquire now
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Schedule your complimentary consultation or enquire now. We’ll discuss your current level, objectives, and create a personalized learning plan. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’ll get back to you within 24 hours. If you don’t receive a response, please make sure you check your junk email folder.

We look forward to meeting you!

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