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For intermediate and advanced learners

The objective of the French Classes for Expats is to help you:

• Become familiar with fast-French conversations to ultimately understand native French speakers

• Learn the vocabulary in context and the right sentences to use in real-life situations

• Familiarise yourself with common French idioms

• Master French with listening comprehensions, role-plays, dictation, pronunciation exercises and other fun activities

• Gain confidence when listening to French locals

Native French Teacher | French Tutor Online


The French Classes for Expats are designed for expats owning a property in France or planning to buy a vacation home there. The lessons are suitable for learners who have basic knowledge of the French language or who are advanced learners. If you are unsure about your French level, please do not hesitate to contact me to have it assessed during the French introductory session.


Many learners have trouble understanding French speakers as they speak quickly, use many contractions and have a specific vocabulary that you cannot find in French textbooks. To respond to such demands, each class has been crafted to focus exclusively on real-life situations that you are likely to experience while living in France.


The lessons include many activities and exercises on how to order at a local French market, how to call your internet supplier, how to deal with problems with your French bank and other useful and fun scenarios. You will eventually understand fast-French conversations based on different situations. 


As each activity is crafted based on your level of French and specific needs, the lessons will bring you concrete results. You will eventually gain confidence, become familiar with common French structures and learn to understand native French speakers.

The objective of the French lessons for Expats is to make you familiar with the French language spoken by native speakers in real-life situations today. You will progressively understand fast-French conversations and learn the correct structures used by native speakers.

Native French Teacher | French Tutor Online


• You will gradually familiarise yourself with the French language spoken by the locals in France today. You will also become familiar with the most frequent words that native French speakers use on a regular basis. To learn the new vocabulary in context, you will study the sentences and structures where the new terms usually appear.

• You will be provided with highly personalised content based on your level, needs and areas of interest. I send further exercises to you if needed and I provide a correction after each French class.


• Stimulating and interesting activities are thoroughly crafted so that you get involved as much as possible. You don’t even need to write your mistakes during the lesson. I do it for you so that you can make the most of your French classes.

• Learn French at your own pace. No need to rush. If you have any questions, these will be detailed and explained step by step.

The private French lesson are always online, which allows to you to save time. Switch on your computer and enjoy a French lesson with a friendly and inspiring tutor.

Enjoy your French learning experience online, comfortably from home.

Native French Teacher | French Tutor Online
Native French Teacher | French Tutor Online


  • I am a qualified native French teacher holding a BA and MA in linguistics and phonetics from the University of Toulouse, France and the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

  • I have extensive teaching experience with British and American expats owning a property in France as well as foreign professionals doing business in France.

  • I am fluent in both English and French.

  • Highly tailored lessons with content only based on your needs and level. You will eventually get concrete results.


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My name is Tanguy and I am a qualified French teacher.

Being a native French speaker, I was born near Paris and I grew up in more than 12 cities throughout France. 

I completed my BA in linguistics in Birmingham, United Kingdom and an MA in linguistics and phonetics at the University of Toulouse, France.

I have taught French to students at a number of prestigious institutions such as the University of Birmingham, business schools, international companies and aviation schools. 


With my 6 year’s teaching experience, I have also helped British and American expats improve their French language skills to comfortably settle down in France. They have contacted me to help them improve their listening and speaking skills (ordering at a French market, understanding fast-French conversations in real-life situations or getting used to French speakers with local accents).


  A 60-minute lesson taught online by Tanguy:

  Topics and activities sent prior to each French lesson: 

  A document with all your mistakes sent in .pdf after each French class:

Practise with your native French teacher and enjoy a private French lesson.

Learn how to introduce yourself and your family to French locals | How to order your meal or a bottle of wine at a restaurant | Practice phone calls in French  | Write an email to your French internet supplier | How to explain to a worker the kind of renovation you want to undertake to your French property | Etc.

Grammar errors, verb tense mistakes, incorrect constructions, wrong usage, inaccurate vocabulary or wrongly pronounced words.

French Lessons 
for Expats
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