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For over 6 years now, we have assisted hundreds of children and teenagers wishing to excel in their French studies with high-quality private French lessons online. 

highly personalized French lessons, specifically tailored to children and teenagers of all ages and levels, are suitable for school tutoring, an upcoming international move or better fluency.

We have been trusted by families of discerning students from top international schools and prestigious institutions worldwide, such as

The French American School of Chicago
he American International School of Budapest
The British International School of Budapest
Wimbledon School of English in London
The Lycée français Stendhal of Milan
Air France flight school in Paris

We have also guided students from diverse academic backgrounds toward Oxbridge success.


Over the past 6 years, Tanguy has taught French to hundreds of international students wishing to get into prestigious international schools worldwide, such as American and British schools and the Air France aviation school in France.

Moreover, he taught French at the University of Birmingham, UK for 2 years. He taught French to BA and MA students specialising in French (grammar, translation, history and culture) as well as students from other departments enrolled in French courses. You can learn more about him here.

  • Tanguy is a very patient, calm and attentive French teacher. This fear-free, non-judgmental learning atmosphere helps your kid develop their unique talents and abilities.

  • Specialized in linguistics and phonetics, Tanguy's expertise has enabled American and international students to learn French through excellent and well-structured French lessons. Moreover, as Tanguy is fluent in English, he can clearly explain difficult words and aspects of the French language. Therefore, your kid is assured to receive excellent instructions in both French and English. 

Our modern French teaching method is based on the belief that young students learn best in a fear-free environment that is full of fun and engaging activities. We offer high-quality French lessons that are designed to help pupils learn French in a way that is both effective and enjoyable.


  • To begin, we offer a 30-minute consultation that is free of charge and without commitment. During our discussion, we'll get to know each other and identify your child's French language goals, current level, strengths and areas for growth. This allows us to determine the best approach to support your child's continued learning and development.

  • After our consultation, we will design highly customized French lessons focused directly on your child's objectives. Some key elements of our lesson structure include:

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Fun, easy-to-read slides that cover a topic (sports, hobbies, habits, food, family, school, etc.) with clear explanations, interactive exercises and speaking activities to ensure solid foundations are built

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Personalized quizzes that include important vocabulary and expressions studied in previous French lessons

French lessons for kids and teens

Fun videos carefully selected to improve your kid’s listening skills

Native French Teacher for Kids and Teens.png

Progressively challenging speaking tasks, listening activities, fill-in-the-blank exercises and dictation to practice new vocabulary

French lessons for kids and teens
French lessons for kids and teens

Our modern teaching method helps your kid enjoy French while actively and effectively learning the language. Besides, we keep repeating the new words and structures in different contexts, so that the new vocabulary sticks to your kid’s brain in the long term.


My daughter has some challenges with speaking confidently. Tanguy brings out the best in my daughter and I am happily surprised to see how motivated my daughter has become!


I was looking for private French tuition for my son since my husband was recently relocated to Brussels. Tanguy has helped him gain confidence and improve his oral skills. He has built on his French knowledge whilst enjoying the lessons. Tanguy's lessons are very engaging and I’m fully satisfied with his services.


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French Lessons for
Kids and Teens   


· Online    · Private Lessons   · Native French Tutor

  A 45-minute French class taught online by Tanguy

  A document with all the mistakes is sent in .pdf after each French class

Material is sent before each class with exercises (grammar, verb tenses, vocabulary...)

√ Grammar errors, verb tense mistakes, incorrect constructions, wrong usage, inaccurate vocabulary or wrongly pronounced words.

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