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The French lessons for Kids are designed for children and teenagers wishing to improve their French language skills, such as preparing for GCSE, A-Levels, IB (International Baccalaureate), SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) or APID (International Diploma).  
The lessons are also suitable for young learners who simply would like to enjoy private French classes with an experienced, approachable, friendly and patient native tutor.

French Teacher for Kids | Native French Teacher


Tanguy taught French at the University of Birmingham, UK for 2 years. He taught French to BA and MA students specialising in French (grammar, translation, history and culture) as well as students from other departments enrolled in French courses.


He has benefitted from an exceptional learning and teaching environment at one of the best universities in the United Kingdom. The University of Birmingham has been ranked 12 in the United Kingdom and 87 in QS Global World Rankings 2021. Pupils taking Tanguy's French classes can be certain that they will improve their French proficiency by following a high quality course.


Tanguy has also taught French to a variety of students at all levels. He has taught French to international pupils wishing to get into  prestigious business schools in France. Parents also called upon Tanguy to help their children get accepted to the ENAC school, the most prestigious and selective aviation school in France. Other students took French classes with Tanguy to prepare for language exams, such as the DELF and DALF.

Learn French with a native tutor who has trained hundreds of students from different schools and academic disciplines. With highly tailored material and exercises, your child will benefit from an excellent teaching.


The private French lessons are suitable for children wishing to increase their scope of the French language and culture for an exam or for leisure. In return, their French will improve and their cultural knowledge will be expanded.


As Tanguy is a native French speaker, your children will be exposed to the French language concretely spoken amongst native French people today.


In order to achieve this goal, the French lessons are based on the following aspects:


        Intensive speaking practice

        Extensive use of idioms in French

        Accurate pronunciation 

        Listening improvement 

        Right vocabulary usage

        Correct spelling 

Aside from mastering the practical French language, Tanguy aims at improving your child’s ability to convey their ideas in a natural and clear manner, while gaining confidence.


Being a native French speaker, Tanguy will be the most likely to convey his French cultural knowledge on traditions, history, works of art and geography to your children.


Every lesson taught by Tanguy is thoroughly crafted based on your child's needs. The content is always modern, visual and appealing to make every single lesson engaging, interesting and captivating for your child. The drawings, material, exercises and activities are chosen depending on your child's age, level and their areas of interest.

French Teacher for Kids | Native French Teacher

Modern and visual content based on your child's liking and age to learn effectively.

Your child can directly contribute to the lesson and write on the slides in real time.

French Teacher for Kids | Native French Teacher
French Teacher for Kids | Native French Teacher

During each lesson, your child will learn new French vocabulary, tenses and structures with interactive exercises.


My daughter has some challenges with speaking confidently. Tanguy brings out the best in my daughter and I am happily surprised to see how motivated my daughter has become!


I was looking for private French tuition for my son since my husband was recently relocated to Brussels. Tanguy has helped him gain confidence and improve his oral skills. He has built on his French knowledge whilst enjoying the lessons. Tanguy's lessons are very engaging and I’m fully satisfied with his services.


French Teacher for Kids | Native French Teacher

As Tanguy lived in the United-Kingdom for two years, he speaks English fluently. Therefore, your child can ask him to explain more complex structures or words in English.

Tanguy regularly tracks his students' progress and provides them with support along the way.  By doing so, a document summarising the content of the lesson, with all grammar and vocabulary mistakes, will be shared with the learner. This approach allows every pupil to thoroughly review the lesson.

Further exercises with answers are also provided to assess the pupils' understanding of their learning.



Tanguy is a qualified native French teacher holding a BA and MA in linguistics and phonetics from two leading universities in France and the UK.

He has extensive teaching experience with British and international learners of French from academic institutions, including the University of Birmingham, UK and corporates, such as Bloomberg, Bank of America and Airbus.

Tanguy is fluent in both English and French.

He has been helping more than 100 learners for 6 years now.

French Teacher for Kids | Native French Teacher

French Lessons for Pupils                


  A 45-minute French class taught online by Tanguy

  A document with all the mistakes is sent in .pdf after each French class

Material is sent before each class with exercises (grammar, verb tenses, vocabulary...)

√ Grammar errors, verb tense mistakes, incorrect constructions, wrong usage, inaccurate vocabulary or wrongly pronounced words.

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