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Tanguy has been of tremendous help in improving my listening skills. I have always struggled to understand French people when speaking fast in films or in general. As a pronunciation specialist, his feedback on what to work on has helped me so much. I can now understand what French actors say!

- Peter

Tanguy is a very kind, attentive and fun French teacher. His lessons are very pleasant and his high-quality, modern content is always tailored to my needs. Regarding my writing, Tanguy’s lessons have significantly helped me improve my French in a few short months. I can’t imagine how it would have been possible without a native French teacher who is an expert in his own language. All in all, my French oral skills and my command of French have significantly improved.

- Ruaraidh

Tanguy has been very welcoming right from the beginning. He pays close attention to my needs which help him prepare individualised lessons and exercises. 

- Iain

As a British expatriate now living in France, I was looking for structured conversation French classes. With Tanguy, I have gained tremendous confidence and the vocabulary I have learned has helped a lot.

- Rosie

My daughter has some challenges with speaking confidently. Tanguy brings out the best in my daughter and I am happily surprised to see how motivated my daughter has become!

- Susan

I was looking for private French tuition for my son since my husband was recently relocated to Brussels. Tanguy has helped him gain confidence and improve his oral skills. He has built on his French knowledge whilst enjoying the lessons. Tanguy's lessons are very engaging and I’m fully satisfied with his services.

- Elizabeth

Tanguy is a very patient and skilled tutor. He could explain exactly what I had to do to improve my French listening skills. He also helped me become more confident in French. I definitely enjoyed learning with him.

- Robert

Thank you Tanguy for helping me reach a strong B2 level in French! I would recommend Tanguy to anyone looking for an excellent French tutor.

- Holly

It’s great to work with Tanguy! He is methodical and his French lessons are always structured and disciplined, with a particular focus on French culture. His French lessons are always tailored to my needs. As a native French language tutor, Tanguy teaches me useful phrases through real-life scenarios. Also, he is very supportive, friendly and patient. It’s a real pleasure to be taught by him!

- Rachel

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