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With hundreds of learners of French, including executives and international expats, we offer high-quality French instruction tailored to your individual needs.


With six years of teaching experience, including two at

the University of Birmingham, UK, I currently teach French to international individuals and expats. As a specialist in linguistics and phonetics, my fluency in four other languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese and Hungarian) enables me to teach French using multiple linguistic perspectives, creating a personalized and excellent learning experience.



  • Tanguy is a native French teacher specialized in French linguistics and phonetics. He graduated from the University of Toulouse, France with a master's degree in linguistics with high distinction. He has also extensively conducted research and experiments in the field of phonetics in France and the United Kingdom.


  • Excellent teaching and communication: Tanguy has extensive teaching experience with British, American and other international learners of French from academic institutions, including the University of Birmingham, UK and corporates, such as Bloomberg, Bank of America and Airbus. His students' key objective is to gain fluency in less than a year. Tanguy also worked and lived in the UK for two years and speaks English perfectly.

  • Tanguy is a very patient, non-judgmental and professional French teacher ensuring a high standard of teaching and a positive learning environment.


Perhaps you have acquired a property in France, have an interest in fitting into the French community, frequently travel to francophone countries for business, or have a French-speaking partner.


Regardless of your motivation, Tanguy offers exclusive French lessons to international individuals who require effective, structured and clear French instructions.

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  • Highly personalized French lessons for adults based on your objectives.

  • Whether you are a beginner or advanced learner, each class is designed to address the challenges you face, such as difficulty understanding French speakers, limited speaking skills, fear of speaking with native speakers, and inadequate grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation.

  • Materials are carefully selected based on your proficiency, including speaking activities, real-life dialogues, listening comprehensions, grammar exercises, quizzes, and more.

  • Mistakes are corrected in a step-by-step manner in either French or English, depending on your preference.


• The methodology depends on your specific objectives, but Tanguy always works with modern, visual and interactive activities, presentations and exercises. Book your free appointment here to discuss your ideas.


• Progressive acquisition of French based on well-structured, tailor-made lessons for an effective learning experience. 

• When you practise, Tanguy always makes sure you feel comfortable in a fear-free learning environment. You can also ask questions anytime regarding the grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation or other aspects.


• After each class, you receive a document with all your corrections. If you have time and if you wish, you can ask for further homework to make sure you understood the lesson or to simply strengthen your knowledge.

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TAILOR-MADE from start to finish

We carefully design each lesson to help you strengthen the aspects of French we previously discussed that need the most work.

Our goal is to provide you with a well-paced learning experience that will help you achieve your language goals.

Book your free appointment here to discuss your needs.

We teach French as it is spoken TODAY

Effective French classes that teach you how to use today's language in different contexts and registers.

Our French classes can focus on speaking, so that you can use the grammar and vocabulary you learn directly.

A wide variety of subjects are offered in our French lessons, including French cuisine, cultural differences between French-speaking countries, French traditions, all taught through well-structured classes.

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EFFECTIVE activities
to give you confidence

Through fun and interactive exercises and activities, you will acquire vocabulary, structures, idioms, and pronunciation in context.

We ensure that our exercises help you learn all aspects of French, including speaking, listening, and writing, but we are also happy to place greater emphasis on the areas that are most important to you.

Progressive grammar acquisition with fill-in-the-blank exercises, dialogues, listening activities, conjugation tests and more.

French Native Teacher


Hundreds of our learners of French, ranging from international expats to diplomats and CEOs, have reached an advanced level of proficiency in the language within less than a year by trusting our effective teaching services.

"Tanguy has been of tremendous help in improving my listening skills. I have always struggled to understand French people when speaking fast in films or in general. As a pronunciation specialist, his feedback on what to work on has helped me so much. I can now understand what French actors say."

· Peter

"Tanguy is a very kind, attentive and fun French teacher. His lessons are very pleasant and his high-quality, modern content is always tailored to my needs. Regarding my writing, Tanguy’s lessons have significantly helped me improve my French in a few short months. I can’t imagine how it would have been possible without a native French teacher who is an expert in his own language. All in all, my French oral skills and my command of French have significantly improved."

· Ruaraidh

French Native Teacher


  • Flexibility to fit your schedule - choose to maintain a consistent weekly time slot or select specific hours that work best for your busy schedule.

  • Online French classes made convenient - participate in private, one-on-one French lessons from the comfort of your home, workplace, or while traveling for business. All you need is access to Zoom and a stable internet connection.

Native French Teacher | French Tutor Online

Online French Classes 
for Adults


  A 50-minute French class taught online by Tanguy:

  A document with all your mistakes sent in .pdf after each French class:

  Additional exercises before the next class if needed:

Material (documents, podcasts, press articles) is sent at least 48 hours before each class with exercises (grammar, verb tenses, vocabulary.)

Grammar errors, verb tense mistakes, incorrect constructions, inaccurate vocabulary or wrongly pronounced words.

Fill-in-the-blank exercises on vocabulary or conjugation, listening comprehensions, 150-word writing essay on a topic.

We offer a free, 30-minute introductory session on Zoom or by phone before you decide to commit to see if we are the right fit for you.

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